March 2013 David Rubens awarded Chartered Security Professional

David’s professional standing and his contribution to the UK security sector was recognised at an award ceremony at the House of Lords on Friday 22nd March, when he was presented with his certificate as a Chartered Security Professional (CSyP). Considered as the Gold Standard of professional security in the UK, this is an award that recognises long service, professional conduct and an on-going commitment to the furtherance of the security industry in the UK.


March 2013 David Rubens elected as Board Director of the UK Security Institute.

David was elected as a main Board Director of the UK Security institute at the annual elections on 22nd March. He will be one of four new members on the 12-person Board, and looks forward to working with the Board to increase the profile and influence of the security Institute over the coming months and years.







David Rubens gives presentation to Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Organising Committee, Read more


David Rubens Speaks at TINYg New York & London Terrorism Conferences, Read more



DRA has recently issued a detailed analysis of the Japanese government's response to the March 11 th earthquake and tsunami, focussing on the Emergency Response Management aspects of the event. For further details, Read more






September 2013 - University of Portsmouth - David has been appointed as an Associate Lecturer by University of Portsmouth. He has already been involved with the Induction programme for new and returning students on the BSc in Security and Risk Management programme, as well as being given responsibility for a twice-weekly on-line seminar that is open as a general chat forum for all under-graduate and post-graduate SRM students.

September 2013 - Security Institute / Perpetuity Training Certificate in Security Management - David was the Project Director on behalf of the Security Institute for the development of ten modules that could act as the academic underpinning for the widely popular Perpetuity Training ‘Certificate in Security Management’. The whole programme was designed to be delivered as an on-line e-learning package, and the 150,000 word project depended on a close working relationship between the Security Institute and Perpetuity Training. The project is now up and running, for further details link

September 2013 - Security in Africa Conference - David was invited to give a presentation to the inaugural Security in Africa Conference, held in the prestigious Park Lane Hilton Hotel. Sponsored by the law firm of Forz Khan, the conference brought together representatives of a number of African embassies in London, UK security companies and consultancies with interests in Africa, and representatives of charities and NGO’s active in African markets. The conference was considered a resounding success, and set the foundation for future events, which are already being planned.



April 2013 - 3-day seminar ‘Strategic management of Major Events’, Singapore - David will be running a 3-day seminar in Singapore from 8th-10th April. Looking at all aspects of major event management, including strategic planning, risk assessment and management, multi-agency coordination, protective intelligence, and crisis management and incident response. Attendees already registered include representatives of government security agencies, global corporations and international corporate consultancies.



March 2013 ‘Order and Chaos: Crisis Management and the Challenges of the Extreme and Rare Event’ London - David Rubens will be running a 1-Day Master Class in Advanced Risk Management, in collaboration with SMi Training. Concentrating on large-scale and hyper-complex scenarios, the programme brings together cutting-edge academic research with case studies from recent extreme CM scenarios such as 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, Fukushima, Haiti earthquake, Norway’s Utoya Island massacre and the power-failure in north India that left 600 million people without electricity. Run in an open, round-table manner, the event will be equally relevant for strategists, corporate and government decision-makers and operations managers.

Topics covered include • Managing the response to large-scale and highly complex unstructured crises • The limitations of traditional hierarchical command-and control systems • Introducing non-traditional, non-hierarchical command systems • Communication, Decision Making and Information Management • Crisis, Chaos and the Role of the EMON (Emergent Multi-Organizational Networks)

This seminar will be invaluable to all senior managers responsible for any aspect of Risk Management, Crisis Management or Business Continuity within large organisations; representatives of NGO’s, specialist CM agencies, multi-national organisations, corporate multi-nationals; RM and CM strategists and policy-makers, and senior CM trainers.


April 2013 - David Rubens to chair Protecting Critical National Infrastructure Conference at Counter Terror Expo 2013 - David will be chairing the second day of the PCNI conference at the CT Expo at Olympia on 25th April, 2013. Presentations will be given by international experts on PCNI-related topics covering airport security, power generating, global communications networks, resilience training and psychological approaches to risk management. More information

Speakers include • Barrie Millett, Head of Business Resilience, E.ON • Dvir Rubinshtein, Aviation Security Operation Centre Manager - Security Department, State of Israel • Bharat Thakrar, Head of Resilience Services, Security Practice, BT Global Services • Peter Clarke, Peter Clarke Associates and Former Assistant Commissioner and Head of the Counter Terror Command, Metropolitan Police • Malcolm Baker, Managing Director, Resilience • Chris Ryden, Physicist, National Nuclear Security, AWE • Professor Adam Ogilvie-Smith, Senior Manager Business Consulting, CGI • Michael Fuller MBE MBA MA, Director, SCC Global • Dr Claudia van den Heuvel, Senior Consultant, Steelhenge Consulting • Sally Turner MSc, Organisational Psychologist, User Perspective Julie Wylde MSc, Senior Consultant, User Perspective


April 2013 ASIS European Security Conference, Gothenburg - David Rubens has been invited to be a speaker at the prestigious ASIS European Security Conference, to be held in Gothenburg in April 2013. His presentation will be on “Order From Chaos: Security Management At the Extremes of Operational Complexity”. Read more


November 2012 - David Rubens chairs Transport Security Expo conference - David was the chairman of an all-day conference at the 2012 Transport Security expo at Olympia, exploring various issues pertaining to the securing of public and mass transport systems. Speakers came from the the UK police, fires services and academia, as well as international speakers from Sweden, Belgium and France. Subjects included integrated supply chain security management, detecting ‘dirty bombs' in a mass transit environment, effective use of CCTV, designing in security and new technology. Read more


October 2012 - 4th SASMA Business Security Conference, Warsaw - David Rubens gave a presentation at 4th SASMA Corporate Security Conference in Warsaw, coinciding with the establishment of the Poland ASIS branch. The conference looked at various aspects of security and risk management in the new European security environment, and had attracted speakers from across eastern and western Europe, including ASIS International Chairman Eduard Emde. Congratulations to Sebastian Blazkiewicz and his team on a fantastic event. Read more


September 2012 - ‘CBRN in the Maritime Environment' - This was a specialist conference in London, attended by senior political leaders and military commanders from across Europe. David gave a presentation covering the strategic management of ‘rare events', especially those involving multi-agency coordination and requiring the development of unplanned and innovative response. The presentation was well-received, and there are now discussions with a number of European agencies concerning possible future collaboration. Read more


September 2011 - David Rubens Speaks at TINYg New York & London Terrorism Conferences - David Rubens was invited to be a keynote speaker at the TINYg (Terrorism Information New York group) New York conference on 14th September 2011, which had as its theme ‘Lessons Learned in the Ten Years since 9/11’. David’s presentation looked at some of the issues surrounding the development of multi-agency management capability for large-scale disasters and other events, identifying organisational weaknesses that repeatedly affect major response operations across the world. The presentation was well received by the audience of over one hundred senior security managers from local, state and federal security agencies, as well as senior security managers from many of the leading corporate organisations in New York. Hosted by the Thomson Reuters Group, this was another in the series of events that TINYg organises on a regular basis for its membership, which consists of security managers from over 230 countries. Further details on TINYg can be found at

Following on from the success of that conference, David was invited to join the speakers for the equivalent event to be held in London on 11th October 2011.


March 2011 - David Rubens gives presentation to Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Organising Committee -DRA (Ex Meido Consultants) - MD David Rubens was part of a UKTI Trade Mission to the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics and the Kazan 2013 Student Olympiade Organising Committees from 8th-12th March. Meetings with the two Committees in Moscow and Kazan were characterised by the high-quality of participants on both sides, including full support from the British Embassy in Moscow and a private visit with Russian Deputy Premier Dimitry Kozak who is personally responsible for the successful delivery of the Sochi Games. David Rubens used the multi-agency response to the London 7/7 attacks as the backdrop to his presentation on Strategic Security Management, which was well received by general participants and specialist security managers. The presentation can be found in English and in Russian, and participants were also given a Russian copy of Meido's report into the Christmas Day Delta Airlines attack. Special thanks to the British Embassy's Trade Minister Counsellor Caroline Wilson and Senior Advisor Irina Karabanova, as well as to Mission Leaders Jon Tibbs of JT Associates and Nigel Peters of British Expertise.

Presentation in Russian

Presentation in English

Delta Airline Christmas Day Attack in Russian